The construction of a swimming pool requires permissions type of building / municipal and sanitary type (if the pool will be open to the public) .

Acqua SPA is able to support you with in-house professionals , including all paperwork , including, upon request, a ” TURNKEY PROJECT ” until it obtains the Authorizations necessary for the realization of the work.

Acqua SPA is able for any type of plant :

  1. Business Plan to prepare any work
  2. To prepare all the necessary authorization process
  3. To liaise with City / Region / Bodies of competence (eg river basins , irrigation consortia ,    distribution companies and waste water , etc.).
  4. Liaise and support any customer’s professionals (architects , surveyors, engineers, geologists , etc.).
  5. Properly size and rule (for example, according to the agreement -state regions , according to UNI 10637 , etc). , Your plant or playful notatorio
  6. Perform analysis and geological survey of the site for the construction of implant
  7. Size and / or test any reinforced concrete structures , as required by the Technical Standards on Construction and Civil Engineering
  8. Chemical or biological analyzes of water supply pool
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